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"It was all a dream..." - Biggie Smalls

Over a decade in the making. AI technology finally caught up with our dream. And, here it is to serve you.

What we built.

The quality of your thought leadership fosters influence and attracts prospects primed to engage with your products and services. However, creating intelligent, high-caliber thought leadership content can be a time-consuming and costly endeavor, with precious hours being spent on research and ideation alone.

Slate AI spares you the embarrassment of sharing generic and bland thought leadership - our AI-powered copilot provides you with highly personalized, timely, and relevant topics to create content about, along with workflow tools to create content that differentiates you in the market.

With Grandstage, feel shame no more. You can increase inbound leads, and establish your brand as an industry authority through consistently publishing high-quality content, while reducing content creation time by 75%.

Why we built it.

Riche Zamor foudned Slate AI after over a decade in professional services, where thought leadership is the lifeblood of your business and brand. He authored thought leadership content that has yielded six-and-seven figure services deals, generated tens of thousands of views, and been featured in major industry publications.

Having personally lived through the challenges of creating effective thought leadership content that performs, we are passionate about making this process easier and lowering the barrier to entry so any expert can become a thought leader.

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Our team

We span three countries, four time zones, and three generations. We're also a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs passionate about helping you succeed.

Riche Zamor
Co-founder & CEO
Cody Braun
Data Engineer
Paulo Roberto
Full Stack Engineer
Patrick Ihejirika
Data Scientist
Eddie Farfan
Product & UX Coordinator
Kevin Liang

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