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"It was all a dream..." - Biggie Smalls

Over a decade in the making. AI technology finally caught up with our dream. And, here it is to serve you.

What we built.

Spade AI
scales market research for B2B GTM teams so they can rapidly respond to changing market and competitive landscapes.

We do this by using generative AI to synthesize and derive insights from market and competitive data to answer critical business questions at the speed of a prompt.

Our AI-powered search engine allows you to get the market insights you need quickly from our own proprietary knowledge graph of market research data, or your own market research you want us to analyze. 

We are out to transform the $81B market research industry by using AI to make market intelligence and predictive insights available to practitioners in real time.

What we built.

Riche Zamor
founded Spade AI after over fifteen years as a leader in IT professional services and SaaS businesses. Having spent a career conducting market research for clients and to develop go-to-market strategies for SaaS products, he knows firsthand how expensive and inefficient it is to get the relevant market insights you need.

After spending over $500,000 on research with various agency partners to understand how to increase trial to customer conversation for a cloud SaaS business to find no meaningful insights, Riche decided this market research process is severely flawed. This seeded the idea to make market research and analysis as simple as performing an internet search. 

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Our team

We span three countries, four time zones, and three generations. We're also a ragtag bunch of entrepreneurs passionate about helping you succeed.

Riche Zamor
Co-founder & CEO
Cody Braun
Data Engineer
Paulo Roberto
Full Stack Engineer
Patrick Ihejirika
Data Scientist
Eddie Farfan
Product & UX Coordinator
Kevin Liang

Know your competitors' products better than they do.

Technology and competitive landscapes change faster than you have been able to keep up. Let Spade AI keep up on your competition for you.