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Authority is the New Growth Strategy: How We Hacked LinkedIn for Higher-Quality Inbound Leads

Leveraging Linkedin to grow the authority of key figures in your business will help drive discoverability of your thought leadership content, and grow high-quality inbound leads.

Alec Whitten
Published on
December 12, 2023

Thought leadership is often talked about as a branding exercise that builds credibility and drives revenue growth. But how? 

The simple answer is in this statement: greater authority leads to greater discoverability which leads to more high-quality leads. 

The general process of using thought leadership to drive growth is to create some research report, gate it on your website, and run a bunch of ads and post on social media to drive traffic to this tentpole piece of content. You will get leads, but the quality will be low and it will take months before you generate any business. 

Try this approach as an alternative: 

  1. Identify key figures in your company who have an engaged audience within the market you want to grow in. If you don’t have those individuals, then you aren’t ready for this yet. 
  2. Have them create blog posts that talk about key topics in your industry people care about and are talking about now. Focus on what people care about, not what you want them to hear about your business. 
  3. Write about the topic on Linkedin regularly for the time period the topic is still relevant. 
  4. Cross link to your blog post within your Linkedin post and other social posts.. 

You will amplify discoverability, and lead generation, in a few key ways:

  • Linkedin is more apt to show your content to people if you are seen as a domain expert in the topic of that content. This helps people who have an established relationship with your company (or key figures within it) gain trust and credibility in your expertise. 
  • As the audience of those key figures engages with your content, more people like them on Linkedin will discover your content. This is like a digital warm introduction. Jane Doe comments on your post, John Toe sees it, and is more enticed to read the post and look into your company. 
  • This network effect will cause more people to visit your website and read your thought leadership content. 
  • The more people visit your thought leadership content, the higher you will rank in Google search results, yielding even more traffic. 
  • You naturally begin to get more leads as people build a greater affinity and trust of your brand. 

It’s not super hard or time consuming. Consistency is the hard part. Your role if you want to get good at this is to optimize for repetition, not efficiency. 

The investment pays off. Within a week of me posting consistently on Linkedin after our V1 launch, we gained 6 inbound leads, 2 of which converted into trial users. 

Less than 5 hours of work generated what would have taken 4x that in cold outreach. 

So, key takeaways: 

  1. Focus on building the authority of key figures in your company, not the company itself, to build the authority of your brand. 
  2. Increased authority will lead to much higher quality leads with less work. 
  3. Optimize for consistency over efficiency. The time spent upfront will yield much better returns in the future. 
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