AI-powered Media &
Competitor Monitoring

Win the market, not the search.

Your time is best spent fighting for competitive advantage, not market intelligence. Let Spade AI find, collate, and summarize relevant news and competitor intel you need to know.

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Transparent, personalized market data

Take ownership of your
market intelligence.

Spade AI gives you control over what content sources we use to generate your market intelligence, and personalize your experience to get the most
relevant intel for your company and your role.

Monitoring on autopilot

Uncover the latest news and competitor intel that matters.

Get daily briefings of the latest news, competitor intelligence, research and other topics pertinent to your business and industry.

Highly relevant briefings. 

The most relevant topic briefings relating to your business, industry, and competitive set - optimized the more you use Spade AI.

On topics that matter.

Full control of the topics, companies, and people we brief you on. New topics automatically recommended as your market evolves.

Delivered to you daily.

Receive daily updates of the most important briefings delivered to your inbox every morning. 

Market intelligence summarized

Spend less time sifting for the data you care about.

Get the gist of a topic without combing through dozens of articles and webpages. We summarize each topic for you, so you get the key points and decide what content to dive into.

See citations with each summary so you can trust this information came from a relevant and credible source.

Conversational market research

Intelligence at the
speed of a prompt. 

No more waiting weeks for research reports. Ask a question when it is top of mind, and get a response with the latest market research data available.


Scale your market research to stay ahead of the competition.

Markets change faster than you have been able to keep up.
With Spade AI, stay on top of your industry and competition - in a fraction of the time.